Inspection and Inventory app v1.3 being launched next week

May 10, 2012

We have been working away on improving the functionality and reliability of our Inventory and Inspection iPhone app, and are pleased to announce that the next big update to the software will be launched next Wednesday the 16th May.

Note: In order to ensure a smooth upgrade, please manually "sync" the app after the update has been installed on your phone.

Changes and improvements

The update includes a number of changes, including:

Screenshot of changes to the iPhone app

  1. The date and time that photos were taken will now be shown on reports generated by the system. This will only apply to photos taken after the update is released.

  2. When creating an Inventory, it is now possible to add a description against individual items. This is an optional step, and any description entered will be displayed on the generated report. The description functionality can be found above the list of conditions when editing an inventory item within a room.

  3. When creating an Inventory, it is now possible to take a photograph which is linked to that specific item. This is an optional step, and any photographs taken will be included in the generated report, and linked to the inventory item. The photo functionality can be found at the bottom of the screen when editing an inventory item within a room.

  4. On both Inventories and Inspections, it is now possible to add maintenance notes directly against individual items. This is in addition to the general maintenance notes that can be recorded against a whole room. Any maintenance notes are shown on the reports (both the normal report and the specific maintenance report). The maintenance note functionality can be found below the list of conditions when editing an item within a room.

  5. The report key has been updated to show key values for inventories as well as inspections, which were previously missing.

  6. Syncing data should now be more reliable. The app will prevent the lockscreen from activating when syncing, which previously could interupt the sync process and prevent it drom completing.

Additional information

We have also updated the back-office web system to make finding properties easier. We've also made some information more visible, such as the date that the property was created.

All existing property and report information will remain untouched, and the updates to the app should not interfere with any existing functionality.

If you would like more information about the changes and how they might affect you, please get in touch with us. If you encounter any issues with the application not working as you expect, particularly after you update the app, our support team is here to help.

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