trial versions of our software

We're sorry. At the moment there is no trial version available for the Property Toolkit Inspection and Inventories app. The app is presently in a development cycle to provide necessary updates for iOS11 inclusion. When the app has been updated, trial versions will again be available from the app store. Thank-you for your understanding.

Why use the Inspection and Inventory App?

  • The most innovative way to create, manage and send inspection & inventory reports. Save time. Save money.
  • Create, manage and store complete property inspections without the need for pen and paper.
  • Includes photos of inventory items and any damage in need of repair.
  • Send high-quality reports direct to landlords.
  • Offer a better service to clients at less cost.
  • No training or special skill required.
  • Helps you handle a bigger portfolio with less staff
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