Why we are the best

We believe that Property Toolkit provides the best tools around for managing your property portfolio, and that we will save you time and money every day. Put away the pen and paper, leave the camera at the office and don’t waste time on other apps that promise lots and deliver little. Don’t believe us? Read on to find out more.

We are experts

We know what we're doing and our superior knowledge and expertise underpins everything that we do. Our development team has been building cutting edge property portals for some of the biggest names in letting and property sales for more than a decade and we have a complete understanding of the needs of property management professionals. All too often, software companies produce a product which is technically excellent, but doesn't really understand the business it's aimed at. We’ve got the technology to build it and the expertise to make it work in the real world.

Our solutions are professional

We understand how important it is to be able to present yourselves in a professional manner to your clients. That's why we aim to make the service you provide efficient and effective, presenting you in the best possible light. This includes any reports or outputs that are generated by our systems which could end up with your clients; all are formatted in a professional manner, and can be customised with your branding and logo.

Peace of mind for you and your data

Any data you enter into our systems is stored securely and safely on our central servers. For example, once you've completed a report at a property and synced it, you no longer need to worry about losing your device or needing to run to the office to complete the report; your data is safe. Should the worst happen and your phone is lost or damaged, any other authorised user from your company can log into the system and retrieve the data. We’re leveraging the power of the cloud for your benefit.

Meeting legislative requirements

An ongoing concern for many businesses is how to meet ever-changing legislation. We understand the worry this can bring and are fully committed to ensuring that our solutions help you meet any legal requirements.

The inventory functionality in our Inspection and Inventory app was developed to meet the requirements of the Tenancy Deposit Scheme (already law in England and Wales since 2007 and soon to be introduced in Scotland). This simple and intuitive inspection and inventory solution is already helping letting agents produce inventories of recognised quality in the most efficient way possible.

Continual development and improvement based upon your needs

Why purchase software that might be obsolete within a year? Newer devices are always being launched and you need the guarantee that the software you rely on every day will be with you in the long run as you upgrade your hardware.

We absolutely agree, which is why we continually develop our software solutions to ensure that the features you want are introduced regularly. Not only that but we make sure that any problems are resolved quickly and that our solutions will be just as reliable in the years to come.

We want to be a part of making your business as efficient and effective as possible and will always welcome your suggestions on how to do that.

Still not convinced?

You can get a free, no obligation, trial of our software, and find out for yourself just how good we are.

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Why use the Inspection and Inventory App?

  • The most innovative way to create, manage and send inspection & inventory reports. Save time. Save money.
  • Create, manage and store complete property inspections without the need for pen and paper.
  • Includes photos of inventory items and any damage in need of repair.
  • Send high-quality reports direct to landlords.
  • Offer a better service to clients at less cost.
  • No training or special skill required.
  • Helps you handle a bigger portfolio with less staff
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