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Property Inspection and Inventory iPhone app, web app and printable report

Property Toolkit Ltd focuses on providing Letting Agents, and other people involved in property management, with the tools they need to run their businesses smartly and efficiently. Like all players in the UK residential property market, property managers, landlords and letting agents have suffered a sharp decline in values and transaction volumes. Maximising efficiency is essential to managing costs and remaining competitive.

We have extensive experience in delivering technological products to companies in the property market, and leverage this expertise to provide you with advanced solutions which combine in depth knowledge of property management requirements with cutting-edge technology.

Property Inspections and Inventories

Traditionally, paper-based inspection and inventory recording systems have required a lot of duplicated effort – from creating manual reports at the property, taking photographs, amalgamating the images and reports and then transferring all of that data to a management system at the office. Property Toolkit was developed to fully automate and accelerate this process and to prevent duplication of work, so that property managers, landlords and letting agents can put their valuable time to better use.

Whether you carry out property inspections once a year or more frequently, there is a fine balance between ensuring you have thoroughly inspected the property and conveyed that to the landlord, and the time taken to compile the reports required. The same, if not more time is required to carry out property inventories - and with the introduction of the Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme an archive of accurate records of the state of a property at the end of a tenancy, in comparison to the start of a tenancy, is of the utmost importance.

Property Toolkit’s Inspection and Inventory App allows letting agents, property managers and landlords to provide a 5-star service. Inspections and inventories can be carried out in a single visit, and then collated and displayed in one report which is easy to understand. And as the webservice and app is so simple to use, there is no training or special skills required.

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Key tracking

One of the most infuriating tasks facing letting agents is keeping track of keys; knowing how many sets are there, who has them and where they gets increasingly difficult as the number of properties under management increases.

Property Toolkit is currently developing a software solution which makes it quick and simple to track all keys belonging to a property. Not only will you be able to see at a glance how many keys belong to a property, but you'll be able to identify where each set of keys currently is, who has them, and why. Keys returned by tradesmen and tenants can be quickly identified and filed correctly.

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Future development

We're always looking for new opportunities to work with Letting Agents to help them improve their business. If you have suggestions for solutions we could develop, or would like to work with us to create a solution specific to you, then please get in touch with us.

Why use the Inspection and Inventory App?

  • The most innovative way to create, manage and send inspection & inventory reports. Save time. Save money.
  • Create, manage and store complete property inspections without the need for pen and paper.
  • Includes photos of inventory items and any damage in need of repair.
  • Send high-quality reports direct to landlords.
  • Offer a better service to clients at less cost.
  • No training or special skill required.
  • Helps you handle a bigger portfolio with less staff
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