The App

iPhone app login screenProperty Toolkit Inspection app allows you to use your iPhone to perform property inspections and inventories, take photos and fill out reports that can be quickly downloaded and emailed at the touch of a screen. Features include:

Online / Offline

Worried you might not get a reception while in the property doing the inspection? There’s no need, the app will work offline while you inspect the property and can then sync up with your company’s online database when you do manage to get internet access.

Selecting the property

Using your companies centrally stored property list, you can search for an existing property or add a new property while you’re on the go.

Start report

Add your new report and work systematically down the screen, capturing information such as electricity and gas meter points, whether the property is furnished and HMO details, etc.

Confirm room information

iPhone app room info screenNow start adding each room within the property; listing the inspection items and rating for each, take photographs and any additional maintenance notes along the way.

Repeat reports are automatically re-populated with the inspection details of the last report, for you to re-rate each item without having to re-enter the rooms and inspection items.

New reports are quick and easy to create, you can define and customise (via the online web system) your companies own set of rooms, with each rooms own custom list of common inspection items. The inspection items can be set-up as, either a rating between 1 (Very poor) to 5 (Very good), upgrade required (yes / no question) or a simple check list item (yes / no question). Items marked as 2 (Poor) or below that are in need of an upgrade or replair will automatically be flagged up for the maintenance report.

Complete the report

iPhone app email report screenEnter house keeping information or other general comments and you're done and ready to send out the reports.

Send report

The system builds your branded PDF reports for you - all you need to select who to send them to.

Simply select ‘yes’ or ’no’ against the landlord report, tenant report, maintenance report (and, if you want to send the report on to another contact, just type in the email address) and hit send. 

Watch the Video

Image of the video All sound too good to be true? See the app in action - view our demonstration video.



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Why use the Inspection and Inventory App?

  • The most innovative way to create, manage and send inspection & inventory reports. Save time. Save money.
  • Create, manage and store complete property inspections without the need for pen and paper.
  • Includes photos of inventory items and any damage in need of repair.
  • Send high-quality reports direct to landlords.
  • Offer a better service to clients at less cost.
  • No training or special skill required.
  • Helps you handle a bigger portfolio with less staff
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