Property Toolkit trials and ios11

We're sorry. At the moment there is no trial version available for the Property Toolkit Inspection and Inventories app. The app is presently in a development cycle to provide necessary updates for iOS11 inclusion. When the app has been updated, trial versions will again be available from the app store.

Current trial users or full version users

If you update your iPhone iOS to version 11, the Property Toolkit software will no longer run. If you are presently using the app, please do not perform the apple system update at this time. 


hassle-Free property Inventories and inspections

Property Toolkit provides the most powerful, innovative and easy to use property inspection and inventory tool on the market.

The intuitive web-service and associated app speeds up the process of inspecting properties by automating the production of inspection reports and maintenance requests, saving time and money and allowing you to provide a better service.

The ability to easily and quickly create inventories will be of great benefit to landlords and letting agents struggling to deal with the Tenancy Deposit Scheme regulations, as property inventories are vital required evidence when making a claim on a deposit. Our solution provides you with high quality documentation which helps you protect your deposit and your property. 

inspections and inventories made easy

Find your property listing

Search for your existing property by keyword or search for properties near your geographical location. You can create new properties on the go, or import your existing database.

Create the inspection report

Add details for each room, document the room items, rate the condition and document any work that needs to take place. Note your comments and document everything with photographs as required.

Send the report

Once all of the data is collected you can email the inspection report to the landlord, the maintenance contact and the tenant. All data is uploaded to the server so it is stored securely for future reference.

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User reviews

This is amazing value for money and so convenient! I can’t even imagine how I was working before this app!
The Flat Company, Edinburgh

Why use the Inspection and Inventory App?

  • The most innovative way to create, manage and send inspection & inventory reports. Save time. Save money. 
  • Create, manage and store complete property inspections without the need for pen and paper.
  • Includes photos of inventory items and any damage in need of repair.
  • Send high-quality reports direct to landlords.
  • Offer a better service to clients at less cost.
  • No training or special skill required.
  • Helps you handle a bigger portfolio with less staff
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Watch the Video

Image of the video All sound too good to be true? See the app in action - view our demonstration video.

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